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We'll Be One - Distorted Priorities 2019


Brian Moritz Producer/Engineer Musician/Singer


Brian's list of credits include, Producing & Guitars on Balance, Producing & Guitars and Keyboards on Balance II, Mecca II and III, Flying Colors, Steve Morse Band's Split Decisions, and several compilation records on Melodicrock Records, and compilations on OIE Records.  

Distorted Priorities was Brian's brain-child, combining progressive rock leanings with a strong instrumental presence, with the some of the best musicians in the business. 

Tom Kro Lead and Backing Vocals


Tom's list of accomplishments includes playing in Chicago-area band Midnight for 30+ years, bassist and vocalist in the Haley Reinhardt band, as well as having sung on National TV for millions.  Tom's energy to carry this CD to completion was nothing short of legendary, his contribution to this recording is nothing short of game changing.

David Browning Piano, Organ, Synths, and Sound Design


 David is one of the great Nashville producer/keyboardists/songwriters  David toured with Avalon, Natalie Grant, Greg Long, Michael English, Lisa Bevill and Beyond The Blue.  David developed and produced Katy Perry, worked with Amy Grant, Ce Ce Winans, Jump 5, Neal Schon, Mickey Thomas, Dez Dickerson, Linda Clifford, Diane Warren, Maria Osmond,   Janelle, Hollywood Heroes, Gummy, Brett Loewenstern, HeavyLight, Chris Lockwod,  Mecca and many more .

Dave LaRue 4 & 5 string basses


Dave's discography is amazing. http://www.davelarue.com/discography

Having worked with literally the top 10 list of the most amazing guitarists in modern music, as well as being a member of the  Dregs, Flying Colors, and Steve Morse Band. There is perhaps no more accomplished musician alive. 

Rod Morgenstein Drums and Percussion


Rod's discography includes 35+ releases


Best known for his work with Winger, and the Dixie Dregs.  Professor Rod was a Berklee College of music teacher for the past 20+ years, and he and Dave arranged the new record.

Thom Griffin Lead and Backing Vocals


Thom Griffin's discography https://www.allmusic.com/artist/thom-griffin-mn0001518075  Thom is a legend in the Melodic Rock Community. Having sung on far more records than his discography can keep up with.  Peter Cetera, Brian Wilson, and Dennis Deyoung, Pat Leonard all know who to call... Thom's contributions are stunning on this record.

Paul Dobroth Co-writing and backing vocals


Paul's background includes being the bassist in Balance, with Brian and Tom and co-writing a song on Balance II. Paul lyrical and melodic genius was brought in to re-write 3 songs.  Paul more than rose to the challenge, even to write a rock opera called "In the End" about the end of the world via technology winning in the end.

Joey Vana Mix and Editing Engineer, Mastering Engineer.


Joey is "the" up and coming Chicago hotshot producer/engineer/artist.  Having spent a half his life in the studio working with the best in the business, he's far beyond his years in skills. This disk probably would still be in the works for many years without his dedication and talents helping to bring it all together.  Joey is the man!

Mark Lessman Soprano and Tenor Sax on "We'll be One" and "Last Train Out"


Mark is one of the finest Jazz musicians there is.  He originally played on quite a bit of the record, but it was too hard for Brian to keep up with heading the band off a little too far in the jazz direction  After Mark does a solo, you don't want to do one, you want to drop to your knees and say "I'm not worthy".

Stan Cotey Guitars on "In The End" and "Rising Waters"


Stan is a monster musician who's credits include indy legends Giraffe and Kevin Gilbert.  When Brian called he graciously agreed to add his magic once again, as he was featured on Balance II.

The best drum room on Earth for a moment in time.


40x42x22H with a 40x20 acoustically perfect stage.  The drum sound in this studio was beyond amazing.  It was hand crafted by Brian (and Auralex designers) and Paul.  Tailoring it over 18 months to be perfect sonically constantly bringing in drummers and sets and fine tuning it.  The studio burned to the ground after it was sold.

The tracking console


Rupert Neve's finest moment the legendary 80 series console (From Hawaii Sound -from the TV show "Lost").  MDM 4 Westlake Monitors, premium converters and clocks, and outboard gear used was second to none.  

Audiophile grade tracking throughout the recording process. 

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The Genesis

Brian, Dave, and Rod hashing out the arrangements in the studio lounge.


Video producers/videographer Gary Pfister

Eventually a 5.1 DVD will be released if we sell enough CD's to warrant it's completion. There was a 9 camera shoot done of the basic tracks.


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